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Simulink Design Verifier Examples

Design Error Detection

Design Error DetectionModel
Design Error Detection for Out of Bound Array AccessModel

Test Generation

Flip Flop Test GenerationModel
Model Coverage Test GenerationModel
Test Objective BlockModel
Test Constraint BlockModel
Cruise Control Test GenerationModel
Fuel Rate Controller Test GenerationModel
Extending an Existing Test SuiteScript
Defining and Extending Existing Tests CasesScript
Using Existing Coverage Data during Subsystem AnalysisScript
Creating and Executing Test CasesScript
Using Specified Input Minimum and Maximum Values as ConstraintsModel

Property Proving

Property Proving with an Invalid PropertyModel
Property Proving with Multiple PropertiesModel
Property Proving with an Assumption BlockModel
Property Proving Workflow for Cruise ControlModel
Property Proving Workflow for Fixed-Point Cruise ControlModel
Property Proving Using MATLAB Function BlockModel
Property Proving Using MATLAB Truth Table BlockModel
Property Proving Workflow for Thrust ReverserModel

Parameter Handling

Using Command Line Functions to Support Changing ParametersScript
Parameter IdentificationModel

Block Replacements

Block Replacements for Unsupported BlocksScript

Temporal Property Specification

Debounce Temporal PropertiesScript
Power Window Controller Temporal PropertiesScript
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