Simulink Requirements Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
rmidata.exportMove requirements traceability data to external .req file
rmidata.saveSave requirements traceability data in external .req file
rmidocrenameUpdate model requirements document paths and file names
rmimap.mapAssociate externally stored requirements traceability data with model
rmiobjnavigateNavigate to model objects using unique Requirements Management Interface identifiers
rmiprefGet or set RMI preferences stored in prefdir
rmiref.insertRefsInsert links to models into requirements documents
rmiref.removeRefsRemove links to models from requirements documents
rmitagManage user tags for requirements links
RptgenRMI.doorsAttribsIBM Rational DOORS attributes in requirements report
slwebview_reqExport Simulink system to Web views with requirements
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