IBM Rational DOORS Traceability

Link model objects to IBM® Rational® DOORS® requirements and navigate between model objects and requirements


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
RptgenRMI.doorsAttribsIBM Rational DOORS attributes in requirements report

Examples and How To

Selection-Based Linking

Configure Requirements Management Interface for DOORS Software

Copy additional MATLAB® files into your DOORS software installation.

Link to Requirements Document Using Selection-Based Linking

Use selection-based linking to create a link from a model to a requirements document.

Link to Requirements in IBM Rational DOORS Databases

Use selection-based linking to link to a requirement in a DOORS database.

Requirements Traceability with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Create links to requirements in IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation.

Enable Linking from DOORS Databases to Simulink Objects

Enable linking between a Simulink® object and a DOORS database.

Insert Navigation Objects into DOORS Requirements

Create links to DOORS databases and insert navigation objects that link back to the Simulink model.

Navigate Between DOORS Requirement and Model Object

Navigate from a model to a DOORS requirements document and vice-versa.

Customize DOORS Navigation Objects

Edit and customize navigation objects in your DOORS requirements documents.

Link Multiple Model Objects to a Requirements Document

Link multiple model objects to a requirements document.

Surrogate Module Synchronization

Synchronize a Simulink Model to Create a Surrogate Module

Learn how to synchronize a Simulink model using the DOORS software.

Create Links Between Surrogate Module and Formal Module in a DOORS Database

Creating links between a surrogate module and a formal module in DOORS during synchronization.

Resynchronize DOORS Surrogate Module to Reflect Model Changes

Resynchronize your model to reflect changes to the Simulink model.

Navigate with the Surrogate Module

Move between the model and the DOORS surrogate module, and view the nodes in an object that has corresponding requirements.

Customize DOORS Synchronization

Choose a desired level of synchronization detail.


Why Add Navigation Objects to DOORS Requirements?

Shows how the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) associates objects with DOORS requirements

Synchronization with DOORS Surrogate Modules

Synchronization is a user-initiated process that creates or updates a DOORS surrogate module.

Advantages of Synchronizing Your Model with a Surrogate Module

Discover the benefits of synchronizing your Simulink model with a surrogate module.


Diagnose and Fix DXL Errors

Learn how to diagnose and fix DOORS Extension Language (DXL) errors.

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