Microsoft Office Traceability

Link model objects to Microsoft® Office requirements and navigate between model objects and requirements


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface

Examples and How To

Link to Requirements Document Using Selection-Based Linking

Use selection-based linking to create a link from a model to a requirements document.

Link to Requirements in Microsoft Word Documents

Use selection-based linking to link to requirements in a Word document.

Link to Requirements in Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Link to requirements in a Microsoft Excel® document

Link Multiple Model Objects to a Requirements Document

Link multiple model objects to a requirements document.

Enable Linking from Microsoft Office Documents to Simulink Objects

Enable linking between a Simulink® object and Microsoft Office requirements documents.

Insert Navigation Objects in Microsoft Office Requirements Documents

Use selection-based linking to insert navigation objects in Microsoft Office requirements documents.

Customize Microsoft Office Navigation Objects

Edit and customize navigation objects in your Microsoft Office requirements documents.

Navigate Between Microsoft Word Requirement and Model

Navigate from a model to a Microsoft Word requirements document and vice-versa.

Navigate with Objects Created Using ActiveX in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010

If you create a requirements document with an earlier version of Microsoft Word than Word 2007, links to the corresponding Simulink objects automatically work.


Why Add Navigation Objects to Microsoft Office Requirements?

Learn how the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) associates objects with Microsoft Office requirements.

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