Associate externally stored requirements traceability data with model


Description,reqts_file) associates the requirements traceability data from reqts_file with the Simulink® model model.,'undo') removes from the .req file associated with model the requirements traceability data that was most recently saved in the .req file.,'clear') removes from the .req file associated with model all requirements traceability data.

Input Arguments


Name, handle, or full path for a Simulink model


Full path to the .req file that contains requirements traceability data for the model


To load a file that contains requirements traceability data for a model:

  1. Open the model.

  2. Select Analysis > Requirements > Load Links.


    The Load Links menu item appears only when your model is configured to store requirements data externally. To specify external storage of requirements data for your model, in the Requirements Settings dialog box under Storage > Default storage location for requirements links data, select Store externally (in a separate *.req file).

  3. Browse to the .req file that contains the requirements links.

  4. Click OK.


Associate an external requirements traceability data file with a Simulink model. After associating the information with the model, view the objects with linked requirements by highlighting the model.

reqFile = fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'slvnv', ...
    'rmidemos', 'powerwin_reqs', ...
    'slvnvdemo_powerwindowRequirements.req');'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController', reqFile);
rmi('highlightModel', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController');

To clear the requirements you just associated with that model, run this command:'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController','clear');

Introduced in R2015a

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