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Requirements Traceability and Consistency

Link requirements and model elements, specify relationships, add markup, review traceability to models and code, check consistency

Requirements links establish traceability to model elements, test cases, test harnesses, and other requirements. Specify the link type to convey the nature of the relationship, such as a model element that implements a functional requirement, or a test harness that verifies a test specification.

Specifying link types enhances your verification workflow, allowing you to check consistency and test results using the implementation and verification status metrics. Check that your requirements have a valid source and destination by using the implementation status metrics, and address gaps in consistency. Check that your requirements have associated tests by using the verification status metrics, and use the results summary to address test failures.


slreq.LinkSet Work with link sets
slreq.Link Work with link objects


slreq.clearClear requirements and links from memory
slreq.createLinkCreate traceable links
slreq.findFind requirement, reference, and link set artifacts
slreq.loadLoad requirements/link set


Link Blocks and Requirements

Associate requirements with your Simulink® blocks using the Simulink canvas.

Link to Test Cases from Requirements

Associate test cases with requirements.

Requirement Links

Specify how requirements are related to Simulink blocks, Stateflow® objects, generated code, and to each other.

Define Custom Requirement and Link Types

Create and define custom requirement and link types

Requirements Consistency Checks

Check your requirements set for missing or unresolved links.