Review Requirement Verification Status Metrics Data

Simulink® Requirements™ maintains Verification Status rollups for your requirement sets. You can use this status rollup to identify missing or incomplete requirement verification. Verification status metrics are available if you have Simulink Design Verifier™ and use Proof Objective blocks as requirement link destinations, or Simulink Test™ and use test cases in the Test Manager as requirement link destinations.

A requirement must satisfy the following conditions to achieve full Verification status:

  • The requirement has one or more links where the link type is set to Verified by.

  • The link destinations for the Verified links must be either:

    • Simulink Test test cases and test suites

    • Simulink Design Verifier Proof Objective blocks

    • Blocks from the Simulink Model Verification Library

  • The verification associated with the link destination must pass. Every child requirement belonging to a parent requirement must be verified for the parent requirement to be considered verified.

A link to a verification item can have five possible Verification Statuses:

  • Passed: The test linked with the requirement has passed.

  • Failed: The test linked with the requirement has failed.

  • Stale: The test result is out of date with respect to the test source.

  • Unknown: The test result is unknown.

  • No Result: The test linked with the requirement has no result.

You can view the Verification Status metric for your requirement sets from both the Requirements Editor and the Requirements Browser in the Requirements Perspective View. To toggle the metric display, select Display > Verification Status from the Requirements Editor menu. You can update the Verification Status metric for all the requirement sets you have loaded in the Requirements Editor by clicking the icon in the toolbar. Hover your mouse over the Verified column in the Requirements Editor or Requirements Browser for each requirement or requirement set to view the Verification Status metric associated with it.

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