URL and Custom Traceability

Link model objects to URL or custom requirements and navigate between model objects and requirements


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface

Examples and How To

Link from External Applications

Link from external applications to Simulink® model objects or MATLAB® code lines with requirements traceability data.

Create a Custom Requirements Link Type

Implement a custom link type to a hypothetical document type, a text file with the extension .abc.

Implement Custom Link Types

Workflow to create custom link types.


Links and Link Types

Get and set the requirements links on a block.

Link Type Properties

Link type properties define how links are created, identified, navigated to, and stored within the requirement management tool.

Supported Requirements Document Types

The Requirements Management Interface (RMI) supports linking with objects, requirements documents, and locations within documents.

Why Create a Custom Link Type?

Register custom requirements document types with the Requirements Management Interface (RMI).

Custom Link Type Functions

Create and view functions that interface with links to custom requirements documents.

Custom Link Type Registration

Register your custom link type by passing the name of the MATLAB function file to the rmi API.

Custom Link Type Synchronization

Implement synchronization of the links between the Requirements Management (RM) application and Simulink using Simulink Requirements™ functions.

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