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Testing Downshift Points of a Transmission Controller

Test a transmission controller using a test harness and test sequence.

This example shows how to create a test harness to test the downshift points of a transmission controller. Simulate the model and observe the output of the component under test.

model = 'sltestTestSequenceExample';

Open the test harness attached to the shift_controller subsystem, and open the Test Sequence block that supplies the test case to the component under test.[model '/shift_controller'], 'controller_harness');
open_system('controller_harness/Test Sequence');

The Test Sequence block exercises the controller's downshift points in all four gears.

Simulate the test harness to observe the controller output.

open_system('controller_harness/Floating Scope');

Close the test harness.

sltest.harness.close([model '/shift_controller'], 'controller_harness');

Close the model.

close_system(model, 0);
clear model;
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