Test Execution

Optimize tests using parallel computing and filters, run model tests with MATLAB® Unit Test.


sltest.testmanager.viewLaunch the Simulink Test Manager
sltest.testmanager.loadLoad a test file in the Simulink Test manager
sltest.testmanager.runRun tests with Test Manager
sltestiterationCreate test iteration
sltest.testmanager.getTestFilesGet test files open in the Test Manager


sltest.testmanager.CustomCriteriaAdd or modify custom criteria
sltest.testmanager.TestFileCreate or modify test file
sltest.testmanager.TestSuiteCreate or modify test suite
sltest.testmanager.TestCaseCreate or modify test case
sltest.testmanager.TestIterationCreate or modify test iteration
sltest.testmanager.OptionsTest file options
sltest.testmanager.ParameterSetAdd or modify parameter set
sltest.testmanager.ParameterOverrideAdd or modify parameter override


Introduction to the Test Manager

Structure model testing and organize large test sets.

Run Tests in Multiple Releases

Run test cases in multiple releases, for example, releases that do not have Test Manager.

Test a Simulation for Run-Time Errors

Use a simulation test case to test an anti-lock brake system for simulation run-time errors.

Run Combinations of Tests Using Iterations

Use iterations to test combinations of parameter sets, external inputs, configuration sets, Signal Builder groups, or baselines.

Run Tests Using Parallel Execution

Decrease test time using Parallel Computing Toolbox™.

Filter Test Execution and Results

Tag tests for selective test execution and results filtering.

Automate Tests Programmatically

Use the programmatic interface to create and execute tests, and to review results.

Test Models Using MATLAB Unit Test

Test integration with MATLAB test scripts and continuous integration systems.

Apply Tolerances to Test Criteria

Specify tolerances for baseline or equivalence criteria.

Test Sections

Configure test cases.

Test Manager Limitations

Understand Test Manager limitations for specific scenarios.

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