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Simulink Verification and Validation Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
Advisor.Application Run Model Advisor across model hierarchy
Advisor.authoring.CustomCheck Define custom check
Advisor.authoring.DataFile Interact with data file for model configuration checks
Advisor.authoring.generateConfigurationParameterDataFile Generate XML data file for custom configuration parameter check
Advisor.component.Component Create component for metric analysis
Advisor.component.Types Create enum class specifying component type
Advisor.Manager Manage applications
clonedetection Open Identify Modeling Clones tool
complexityinfo Retrieve cyclomatic complexity coverage information from cvdata object
conditioninfo Retrieve condition coverage information from cvdata object
cv.cvdatagroup Collection of cvdata objects
cvexit Exit model coverage environment
cvhtml Produce HTML report from model coverage objects
cvload Load coverage tests and stored results into memory
cvmodelview Display model coverage results with model coloring
cvresults Returns active coverage data, clears and loads active coverage data from a file
cvsave Save coverage tests and results to file
cvsim Simulate and return model coverage results for test objects
cvtest Create model coverage test specification object
decisioninfo Retrieve decision coverage information from cvdata object
executioninfo Retrieve execution coverage information from cvdata object
getCoverageInfo Retrieve coverage information for Simulink Design Verifier blocks from cvdata object
mcdcinfo Retrieve modified condition/decision coverage information from cvdata object
mdltransformer Open Model Transformer
ModelAdvisor.Action Add actions to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.Check Create custom checks
ModelAdvisor.FactoryGroup Define subfolder in By Task folder
ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate Template for formatting Model Advisor analysis results
ModelAdvisor.Group Define custom folder
ModelAdvisor.Image Include image in Model Advisor output
ModelAdvisor.InputParameter Add input parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.LineBreak Insert line break
ModelAdvisor.List Create list class
ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter Add list view parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckID Look up Model Advisor check ID
ModelAdvisor.Paragraph Create and format paragraph
ModelAdvisor.Preferences Set Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display
ModelAdvisor.Procedure Define custom procedures
ModelAdvisor.Root Identify root node Run Model Advisor checks on systems
ModelAdvisor.summaryReport Open Model Advisor Command-Line Summary report
ModelAdvisor.Table Create table
ModelAdvisor.Task Define custom tasks
ModelAdvisor.Text Create Model Advisor text output
overflowsaturationinfo Retrieve saturation on integer overflow coverage from cvdata object
relationalboundaryinfo Retrieve relational boundary coverage from cvdata object
rmi Interact programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
rmidata.export Move requirements traceability data to external .req file Save requirements traceability data in external .req file
rmidocrename Update model requirements document paths and file names Associate externally stored requirements traceability data with model
rmiobjnavigate Navigate to model objects using unique Requirements Management Interface identifiers
rmipref Get or set RMI preferences stored in prefdir
rmiref.insertRefs Insert links to models into requirements documents
rmiref.removeRefs Remove links to models from requirements documents
rmitag Manage user tags for requirements links
RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs IBM Rational DOORS attributes in requirements report
sigrangeinfo Retrieve signal range coverage information from cvdata object
sigsizeinfo Retrieve signal size coverage information from cvdata object
slcovmex Build coverage-compatible MEX-function from C/C++ code
slmetric.Engine Collect metric data on models or model components
slmetric.metric.createNewMetricClass Create new metric class for a custom model metric
slmetric.metric.getAvailableMetrics Obtain available metrics
slmetric.metric.Metric Abstract class for creating model metrics
slmetric.metric.refresh Update available model metrics
slmetric.metric.registerMetric Register a custom model metric with the model metric repository
slmetric.metric.Result Metric data for specified model component and metric algorithm
slmetric.metric.ResultCollection Metric data for specified model metric
slmetric.metric.unregisterMetric Unregister a custom model metric from the model metric repository
slrequirements Synchronize model with DOORS surrogate module
slvnvextract Extract subsystem or subchart contents into new model
slvnvharnessopts Generate default options for slvnvmakeharness
slvnvlogsignals Log test data for component or model during simulation
slvnvmakeharness Generate Simulink Verification and Validation harness model
slvnvmergedata Combine test data from data files
slvnvmergeharness Combine test data from harness models
slvnvruncgvtest Invoke Code Generation Verification (CGV) API and execute model
slvnvruntest Simulate model by using input data
slvnvruntestopts Generate simulation or execution options for slvnvruntest or slvnvruncgvtest
slwebview_cov Export Simulink models to Web views with coverage
slwebview_req Export Simulink system to Web views with requirements
tableinfo Retrieve lookup table coverage information from cvdata object
view View Model Advisor run results for checks
viewReport View Model Advisor run results for systems
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