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Maintenance of Requirements Links

Check, update, fix, and delete requirements links


rmi Interact programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
rmidocrename Update model requirements document paths and file names
rmiref.insertRefs Insert links to models into requirements documents
rmiref.removeRefs Remove links to models from requirements documents

Examples and How To

Validate Requirements Links in a Model

Validate requirements links in a Simulink® model using Model Advisor requirements consistency checks.

Validate Requirements Links in a Requirements Document

Validate requirements links in external requirements documents using the rmi function

Delete Requirements Links from Simulink Objects

Delete model objects that have requirements and maintain the integrity of the links.


Validation of Requirements Links

The Simulink Verification and Validation™ software provides tools that allow you to detect and resolve outdated and invalid requirements links in the model or in the requirements document.

Document Path Storage

Learn where the RMI looks to resolve the absolute or relative path you specify for a requirement.

Requirements Traceability Link Editor

Create, edit, and delete requirements traceability links using the Requirements Traceability Link Editor.

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