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Class: ModelAdvisor.Action
Package: ModelAdvisor

Specify action callback function


setCallbackFcn(action_obj, @handle)


setCallbackFcn(action_obj, @handle) specifies the handle to the callback function, handle, to use with the action object, action_obj.


    Note:   The following example is a fragment of code from the sl_customization.m file for the example model, slvnvdemo_mdladv. The example does not execute as shown without the additional content found in the sl_customization.m file.

rec = ModelAdvisor.Check('mathworks.example.optimizationSettings');
% Define an automatic fix action for this check
modifyAction = ModelAdvisor.Action;
modifyAction.Name = 'Modify Settings';
modifyAction.Description = ['Modify model configuration optimization' ...
                            ' settings that can impact safety'];
modifyAction.Enable = true;
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