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Class: ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate
Package: ModelAdvisor

Add title for subcheck in result


setSubTitle(ft_obj, title)


setSubTitle(ft_obj, title) is an optional method that adds a subcheck result title. Use this method when you create subchecks to distinguish between them in the result.

Input Arguments


A handle to a template object.


A character vector or a handle to a formatting object specifying the title of the subcheck.

Valid formatting objects are: ModelAdvisor.Image, ModelAdvisor.LineBreak, ModelAdvisor.List, ModelAdvisor.Paragraph, ModelAdvisor.Table, and ModelAdvisor.Text.


Create a list object, ft, and add a subcheck title:

ft = ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate('ListTemplate');
setSubTitle(ft, ['Check for constructs in the model '...
    'that are not supported when generating code']);

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