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Class: ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate
Package: ModelAdvisor

Add title to table


setTableTitle(ft_obj, title)


setTableTitle(ft_obj, title) is an optional method that adds a title to a table.

Input Arguments


A handle to a template object.


A string or a handle to a formatting object specifying the title of the table.

Valid formatting objects are: ModelAdvisor.Image, ModelAdvisor.LineBreak, ModelAdvisor.List, ModelAdvisor.Paragraph, ModelAdvisor.Table, and ModelAdvisor.Text.

The title appears above the table. If you do not add data to the table, the Model Advisor does not display the table and title in the result.


Create a table object, ft, and add a table title:

ft = ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate('TableTemplate');
setTableTitle(ft, 'Table of fonts and styles used in model');

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