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Class: ModelAdvisor.InputParameter
Package: ModelAdvisor

Add input parameters to custom checks


input_param = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter


input_param = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter creates a handle to an input parameter object, input_param.

    Note:   You must include input parameter definitions in a check definition.


    Note:   The following example is a fragment of code from the sl_customization.m file for the example model, slvnvdemo_mdladv. The example does not execute as shown without the additional content found in the sl_customization.m file.

rec = ModelAdvisor.Check('com.mathworks.sample.Check1');
rec.setInputParametersLayoutGrid([3 2]);
% define input parameters
inputParam1 = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter;
inputParam1.Name = 'Skip font checks.';
inputParam1.Type = 'Bool';
inputParam1.Value = false;
inputParam1.Description = 'sample tooltip';
inputParam1.setRowSpan([1 1]);
inputParam1.setColSpan([1 1]);
inputParam2 = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter;
inputParam2.Name = 'Standard font size';
inputParam2.Description='sample tooltip';
inputParam2.setRowSpan([2 2]);
inputParam2.setColSpan([1 1]);
inputParam3 = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter;
inputParam3.Name='Valid font';
inputParam3.Description='sample tooltip';
inputParam3.Entries={'Arial', 'Arial Black'};
inputParam3.setRowSpan([2 2]);
inputParam3.setColSpan([2 2]);
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