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Class: ModelAdvisor.InputParameter
Package: ModelAdvisor

Specify rows for input parameter


setRowSpan(input_param, [start_row end_row])


setRowSpan(input_param, [start_row end_row]) specifies the number of rows that the parameter occupies. Specify where you want an input parameter located in the layout grid when there are multiple input parameters.

Input Arguments

input_paramThe input parameter object
start_rowA positive integer representing the first row that the input parameter occupies in the layout grid
end_rowA positive integer representing the last row that the input parameter occupies in the layout grid


inputParam2 = ModelAdvisor.InputParameter;
inputParam2.Name = 'Standard font size';
inputParam2.Description='sample tooltip';
inputParam2.setRowSpan([2 2]);
inputParam2.setColSpan([1 1]);
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