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Class: ModelAdvisor.Table
Package: ModelAdvisor

Specify column widths


setColWidth(table, column, width)


setColWidth(table, column, width) specifies the column.

The setColWidth method specifies the table column widths relative to the entire table width. If column widths are [1 2 3], the second column is twice the width of the first column, and the third column is three times the width of the first column. Unspecified columns have a default width of 1. For example:

setColWidth(1, 1);
setColWidth(3, 2);
specifies [1 1 2] column widths.

Input Arguments


Instantiation of the ModelAdvisor.Table class


An integer specifying column number


An integer or array of integers specifying the column widths, relative to the entire table width


table1 = ModelAdvisor.Table(2, 3)
setColWidth(table1, 1, 1);
setColWidth(table1, 3, 2);
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