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Class: ModelAdvisor.Text
Package: ModelAdvisor

Create Model Advisor text output


text = ModelAdvisor.Text(content, {attribute})


text = ModelAdvisor.Text(content, {attribute}) creates a text object for the Model Advisor output.

Input Arguments


Optional string specifying the content of the text object. If content is empty, empty text is output.


Optional cell array of strings specifying the formatting of the content. If no attribute is specified, the output text has default coloring with no formatting. Possible formatting options include:

  • normal (default) — Text is default color and style.

  • bold — Text is bold.

  • italic — Text is italicized.

  • underline — Text is underlined.

  • pass — Text is green.

  • warn — Text is yellow.

  • fail — Text is red.

  • keyword — Text is blue.

  • subscript — Text is subscripted.

  • superscript — Text is superscripted.

Output Arguments


The text object you create


text = ModelAdvisor.Text('Sub entry 1', {'pass','bold'})

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