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Insert links to models into requirements documents


[total_links, total_matches, total_inserted] = rmiref.insertRefs(model_name, doc_type)


[total_links, total_matches, total_inserted] = rmiref.insertRefs(model_name, doc_type) inserts ActiveX® controls into the open, active requirements document of type doc_type. These controls correspond to links from model_name to the document. With these controls, you can navigate from the requirements document to the model.

Input Arguments


Name or handle of a Simulink® model


A character vector that indicates the requirements document type:

  • 'word'

  • 'excel'


Remove the links in an example requirements document, and then reinsert them:

  1. Open the example model:

  2. Open the example requirements document:

    open([matlabroot strcat('/toolbox/slvnv/rmidemos/fuelsys_req_docs/',...
  3. Remove the links from the requirements document:

  4. Enter y to confirm the removal.

  5. Reinsert the links from the requirements document to the model:

    [total_links, total_matches, total_inserted] = ...
    	rmiref.insertRefs(gcs, 'word')

Introduced in R2011a

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