System Requirements

List system requirements in Simulink diagrams


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The System Requirements block lists all the system requirements associated with the model or subsystem depicted in the current diagram. It does not list requirements associated with individual blocks in the diagram.

You can place this block anywhere in a diagram. It is not connected to other Simulink® blocks. You can only have one System Requirements block in a diagram.

When you drag the System Requirements block from the Library Browser into your Simulink diagram, it is automatically populated with the system requirements, as shown.

Each of the listed requirements is an active link to the actual requirements document. When you double-click on a requirement name, the associated requirements document opens in its editor window, scrolled to the target location.

If the System Requirements block exists in a diagram, it automatically updates the requirements listing as you add, modify, or delete requirements for the model or subsystem.

Dialog Box and Parameters

To access the Block Parameters dialog box for the System Requirements block, right-click on the System Requirements block and, from the context menu, select Mask Parameters. The Block Parameters dialog box opens, as shown.

The Block Parameters dialog box for the System Requirements block contains one parameter.

Block Title

The title of the system requirements list in the diagram. The default title is System Requirements. You can type a customized title, for example, Engine Requirements.

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