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Review of Coverage Results

Generate coverage reports, view coverage highlighting in model, and filter coverage collection

Examples and How To

Access, Manage, and Accumulate Coverage Results​​

Access, manage, and accumulate coverage results​​ after you record coverage

View Coverage Results in a Model

Highlight model elements to view coverage results.

Retrieve Coverage Details from Results

Retrieve specific coverage information after simulation using MATLAB® commands.

View Coverage Results for C/C++ Code in S-Function Blocks

View coverage results for the C/C++ code in S-Function blocks in your model.

Export Model Coverage Web View

Export a Model Coverage Web View.

Creating and Using Coverage Filters

This example shows how to use Simulink® Verification and Validation™ model coverage filters to exclude model items from coverage recording and justify missing coverage in reports.

Create, Edit, and View Coverage Filter Rules

Workflow to filter model objects from the coverage recording.

Coverage Filter Viewer

Use the Coverage Filter Viewer to manage filter rules for your Simulink® model.


Types of Coverage Reports

Simulink Verification and Validation™ can create one or more model coverage reports after a simulation.

Top-Level Model Coverage Report

Learn about the sections of a model coverage report the Simulink Verification and Validation software creates for the top-level model.

Coverage Filtering

Use coverage filtering before recording model coverage.

Coverage Filter Rules and Files

Manage coverage filter rules attached to your model.

Model Objects to Filter from Coverage

Types of model objects you can filter from coverage recording.

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