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Review of Requirements Links

Review traceability by using reporting and highlighting


rmi Interact programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
rmiobjnavigate Navigate to model objects using unique Requirements Management Interface identifiers
rmitag Manage user tags for requirements links


System Requirements List system requirements in Simulink models

Examples and How To

Highlight Model Objects with Requirements

Highlight a model to see which objects in the model have links to requirements in external documents.

Enable or Disable Highlighting of Traceability Links for MATLAB Code

Enable or disable traceability highlighting for MATLAB® code lines.

Navigate to Requirements from Model

Navigate from a model object to linked requirements.

Navigate to Simulink Objects from External Documents

Navigate from external documents to Simulink® model objects.

View Requirements Details for a Selected Block

Use the Requirements Details window to view in-context requirements information about a model item.

Filter Requirements with User Tags

Filter requirements using the keyword element.

Create Requirements Traceability Report for Model

Create the default requirements report for a Simulink model.

Customize Requirements Traceability Report for Model

Generate a report of the requirements associated with a model and its blocks.

Create Requirements Traceability Report for Simulink Project

Generate report of requirements traceability links for files in a Simulink Project.

Generate Code for Models with Requirements Links

Set configuration parameters so that information about requirements links is included in the generated code.


Requirements Traceability Link Editor

Create, edit, and delete requirements traceability links using the Requirements Traceability Link Editor.

How Requirements Information Is Included in Generated Code

Learn how the Embedded Coder® software inserts requirements information for Embedded Real-Time (ERT) targets into the generated code for a model.

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