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Simulink Traceability Between Model Objects

Link model objects to requirements defined in Simulink® and navigate between model objects and requirements


rmi Interact programmatically with Requirements Management Interface

Examples and How To

Link to Requirements Document Using Selection-Based Linking

Use selection-based linking to create a link from a model to a requirements document.

Link to Requirements Modeled in Simulink

You can use Simulink to model your design requirements.

Link Model Objects

Create requirements links between Simulink objects.

Link Test Cases to Requirements Documents

Link a Simulink Test™ test case to a requirements document.

Link Requirements to Simulink Data Dictionary Entries

Link requirements to data dictionary entries.

Link Signal Builder Blocks to Requirements Documents

Create links from a signal group in a Signal Builder block to a requirements document.

Link Signal Builder Blocks to Model Objects

This example shows how to create links from a signal group in a Signal Builder block to a model object:

Link Multiple Model Objects to a Requirements Document

Link multiple model objects to a requirements document.

Link from External Applications

Link from external applications to Simulink model objects or MATLAB® code lines with requirements traceability data.


Supported Model Objects for Requirements Linking

Model objects for which you can create requirements links.

Requirements Linking with Simulink Annotations

Create requirements links to and from Simulink.Annotation objects using the Requirements Management Interface (RMI).

Requirements Links for Library Blocks and Reference Blocks

Use the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) to create and manage requirements links in libraries and in models.

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