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Test Case Generation for Missing Coverage

Generate test cases from coverage data and use coverage data for simulation-based testing


slvnvextract Extract subsystem or subchart contents into new model


Create and Run Test Cases

Create and run test cases by using the model coverage MATLAB® commands cvtest and cvsim.

Create Tests with cvtest

Create a test object that specifies the model or part of the model tested.

Run Tests with cvsim

Execute (simulate) the test object. This creates a results object for the test object.

Retrieve Coverage Details from Results

Retrieve specific coverage information after simulation using MATLAB commands.

Save Test Runs to File with cvsave

Save the test object and its results object in a file.

Load Stored Coverage Test Results with cvload

Load the file containing test and results objects to create new reports of model coverage data.

Modified Condition and Decision Coverage in Simulink Design Verifier

Describes the difference between MCDC coverage in Simulink® Design Verifier™ and in Simulink Verification and Validation™.

Using Existing Coverage Data during Subsystem Analysis (Simulink Design Verifier)

This example shows how Simulink® Design Verifier™ can target its analysis to a single subsystem within a continuous-time closed-loop simulation and generate test cases for missing coverage in that subsystem.

Creating and Executing Test Cases

This example shows how to use Simulink® Verification and Validation™ component verification functions to log input signals, create a harness model, and execute test cases.

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