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Advantages of Synchronizing Your Model with a Surrogate Module

Synchronizing your Simulink® model with a surrogate module offers the following advantages:

  • You can navigate from a requirement to a Simulink object without modifying the requirements modules.

  • You avoid cluttering your requirements modules with inserted navigation objects.

  • The DOORS® database contains complete information about requirements links. You can review requirements links and verify traceability, even if the Simulink software is not running.

  • You can use DOORS reporting features to analyze requirements coverage.

  • You can separate the requirements tracking work from the Simulink model developers' work, as follows:

    • Systems engineers can establish requirements links to models without using the Simulink software.

    • Model developers can capture the requirements information using synchronization and store it with the model.

  • You can resynchronize a model with a new surrogate module, updating any model changes or specifying different synchronization options.

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