Automatically Load and Set the Default Configuration

When you use the Model Advisor, you can automatically set the default configuration by modifying an sl_customization.m file.

  1. Place a configuration MAT file on your MATLAB® path.

  2. Modify your sl_customization.m file by adding the function:

    function [checkCellArray taskCellArray] = ModelAdvisorProcessFunction ...
     (stage, system, checkCellArray, taskCellArray) 
        switch stage 
            case 'configure' 
    In the function, replace qeAPIConfigFilePath.mat with the name of the configuration MAT file in step 1.

  3. The sl_customization.m file is loaded every time you start the Model Advisor, using qeAPIConfigFilePath.mat as the default configuration.

    Tip   You can restore the MathWorks® default configuration by selecting File > Restore Default Configuration.

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