Configure RMI for IBM Rational DOORS or Microsoft ActiveX Navigation

To use the features of the Requirements Management Interface (RMI), you must communicate with external software products such as Microsoft® Office and IBM® Rational® DOORS®.

Initial configuration steps are required to setup the RMI if you need to:

  • Use the RMI with DOORS applications (PC only).

  • Use ActiveX® controls for navigation from Microsoft Office documents to Simulink® models. You might need to register ActiveX controls when you work with existing requirements documents (PC only).

You can setup the initial configuration for both cases by running MATLAB® as an Administrator and then running this command:

rmi setup

If you do not have DOORS installed on your system, the rmi setup command does not install the DOORS API.

If the rmi setup command fails to detect a DOORS installation on your system, and you know that the DOORS software is installed, enter the following command:

rmi setup doors

This command prompts you to enter the path to your DOORS installation, and then installs the required files.

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