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Coverage Filter Viewer

In the Coverage Filter Viewer, you can:

  • Review and manage the coverage filter rules for your Simulink® model.

  • Load or save coverage filter files for your model.

  • Navigate to the model to create additional coverage filter rules.


Navigate to a model object associated with a rule.

  1. Select the rule.

  2. Click View in model.

Delete a rule.

  1. Select the rule.

  2. Click Remove rule.

Save the current rules to a file.

  1. Click Save filter.

  2. Specify a file name and folder for the filter file and click Save.

Load an existing coverage filter file.

  1. Click Load filter.

  2. Navigate to the filter file and click Open.

Update the current coverage report with the current filtering rules.

  1. Apply or Revert any changes you have made.

  2. Click Generate Report.

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