Coverage Filtering

What Is Coverage Filtering?

Coverage filtering is excluding model objects from model coverage when you simulate your Simulink® model. You specify which objects you want to be excluded from coverage recording.

After you specify the objects to exclude, when you simulate your model, Simulink Verification and Validation™ software does not record coverage for filtered objects in your model.

When to Use Coverage Filtering

You use coverage filtering to facilitate a bottom-up approach to recording model coverage. If you have a large model, there may be design elements that intentionally do not record 100% coverage. You might also have several design elements that do not record 100% coverage that must record 100% coverage. You can temporarily or permanently eliminate these elements from coverage recording to focus on a subset of objects for testing and modification.

This approach allows you to iterate more efficiently—focus on a small problem, fix it, and then move on to resolve the next small problem. Before recording coverage for the entire model, you can resolve missing coverage problems with individual parts of the model.

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