Create Requirements Traceability Report for Model

To create the default requirements report for a Simulink® model:

  1. Open the example model:

  2. Make sure that your current working folder is writable.

  3. In the Simulink Editor, select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Generate Report.

    If your model is large and has many requirements links, it takes a few minutes to create the report.

A Web browser window opens with the contents of the report. The following graphic shows the Table of Contents for the slvnvdemo_fuelsys_officereq model.

A typical requirements report includes:

  • Table of contents

  • List of tables

  • Per-subsystem sections that include:

    • Tables that list objects with requirements and include links to associated requirements documents

    • Graphic images of objects with requirements

    • Lists of objects with no requirements

    • MATLAB® code lines with requirements in MATLAB Function blocks

For detailed information about requirements reports, see Customize Requirements Traceability Report for Model.

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