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Create Requirements Traceability Report for Model

To create the default requirements report for a Simulink® model:

  1. Open the example model:

  2. Make sure that your current working folder is writable.

  3. In the Simulink Editor, select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Generate Report.

    If your model is large and has many requirements links, it takes a few minutes to create the report.

A Web browser window opens with the contents of the report. The following graphic shows the Table of Contents for the slvnvdemo_fuelsys_officereq model.

A typical requirements report includes:

  • Table of contents

  • List of tables

  • Per-subsystem sections that include:

    • Tables that list objects with requirements and include links to associated requirements documents

    • Graphic images of objects with requirements

    • Lists of objects with no requirements

    • MATLAB® code lines with requirements in MATLAB Function blocks

For detailed information about requirements reports, see Customize Requirements Traceability Report for Model.

If Your Model Has Library Reference Blocks

To include requirements links associated with library reference blocks, you must select Include links in referenced libraries and data dictionaries under the Report tab of the Requirements Settings, as described in Customize Requirements Report.

If Your Model Has Model Reference Blocks

By default, requirements links within model reference blocks in your model are not included in requirements traceability reports. To generate a report that includes requirements information for referenced models, follow the steps in Report for Requirements in Model Blocks.

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