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Customization File Overview

A customization file is a MATLAB® file that you create and name sl_customization.m. The sl_customization.m file contains a set of functions for registering and defining custom checks, tasks, and groups. To set up the sl_customization.m file, follow the guidelines in this table.

FunctionDescriptionWhen Required
sl_customization()Registers custom checks, tasks, folders, and callbacks with the Simulink® customization manager at startup. See Register Checks and Process Callbacks.Required for customizations to the Model Advisor.
One or more check definitionsDefines custom checks. See Define Custom Checks.Required for custom checks and to add custom checks to the By Product folder.

If the By Product folder is not displayed in the Model Advisor window, select Show By Product Folder from the Settings > Preferences dialog box.

Check callback functionsDefines the actions of the custom checks. See Create Callback Functions and Results.Required for custom checks. You must write one callback function for each custom check.
One or more calls to check input parametersSpecifies input parameters to custom checks. See Define Check Input Parameters.Optional
One or more calls to check list viewsSpecifies calls to the Model Advisor Result Explorer for custom checks. See Define Model Advisor Result Explorer Views.Optional
One or more calls to check actionsSpecifies actions the software performs for custom checks. See Define Check Actions and Action Callback Function.Optional
One process callback functionSpecifies actions to be performed at startup and post-execution time. See Define Startup and Post-Execution Actions Using Process Callback Functions.Optional

This example shows a custom configuration of the Model Advisor that has custom checks defined in custom folders and procedures. The selected check includes input parameters, list view parameters, and actions.

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