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External Storage

The first time you create links to requirements in a Simulink® model, the RMI uses your designated storage preference. When you reopen the model, the RMI loads the internally stored links, or the links from the external file, as long as the file exists with the same name and location as when you last saved the links.

The RMI allows you to save your links file as a different name or in a different folder. However, when you start with the links file in a nondefault location, you must manually load those links into the model. After you load those links, the RMI associates that model with that file and loads the links automatically.

As you work with your model, the RMI stores links using the same storage as the existing links. For example, if you open a model that has internally stored requirements links, any new links you create are also stored internally. This is true even if your preference is set to external storage.

All requirements links must be stored either with the model or in an external file. You cannot mix internal and external storage within a given model.

To see an example of the external storage capability using a Simulink model, at the MATLAB® command line, enter:

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