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Model Objects That Do Not Receive Coverage

The Simulink® Verification and Validation™ software does not record Decision, Condition, or MCDC coverage for blocks that are not listed in Model Objects That Receive Coverage.

The following table identifies specific model objects that do not receive coverage in certain conditions.

Model objectDoes not receive coverage...

Logical Operator block

When the Operator parameter specifies XOR or NXOR and there are more than twelve scalar inputs or more than twelve elements in a vector input.

Model block

When the Simulation mode parameter specifies Accelerator.

Coverage for Model blocks is the sum of the coverage data for the contents of the referenced model.

Subsystem block

When the Read/Write Permissions parameter is set to NoReadOrWrite.

Stateflow® chart

MATLAB Function block

When debugging/animation is not enabled for the model or object.

Virtual Blocks

doc Virtual blocks do not receive model coverage. For more information, see Nonvirtual and Virtual Blocks (Simulink).

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