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Move Externally Stored Requirements Links to the Model File

If you have a model with requirements links that are stored in an external file, you can move those links to the model file.

  1. Open the model that has only externally stored requirements links.

  2. Make sure the right set of requirements links are loaded from the external file.

  3. Select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Copy to Model.

    An asterisk appears next to the model name in the title bar of the model window indicating that your model now has unsaved changes.

  4. Save the model with the requirements links.

From this point on, the RMI stores all requirements links internally, in the model file. When you add, modify, or delete links, the changes are stored with the model, even if the Default storage location for requirements links data option is set to Store externally (in a separate *.req file).

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