Create Custom Configurations Basics

About Custom Configurations

The Simulink® Verification and Validation™ product allows you to extend the capabilities of the Model Advisor. Using Model Advisor APIs and the Model Advisor Configuration Editor, you can:

  • Define your own custom checks and write your own callback functions.

  • Create custom configurations by organizing checks and folders.

  • Create multiple custom configurations that you use for different projects or modeling guidelines, and switch between these configurations in the Model Advisor.

Create Custom Configurations Workflow

To create a custom configuration with custom checks and checks MathWorks® provides, see Create Configurations by Organizing Checks and Folders Workflow.

Using the Model Advisor Configuration Editor Versus Customization File

The Model Advisor Configuration Editor is a GUI that expedites creating and deploying custom configurations. While you can organize Model Advisor configurations in a customization file, use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to create custom configurations. For more details, see Organize Checks and Folders Using the Model Advisor Configuration Editor.

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