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Requirements Link Storage

When you create links from a model to external requirements, by default, the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) stores the information about the links internally in the model file. When links are stored with the model, each time you change requirements links, the time stamp and version number of the model changes.

If you do not want to modify your model when creating or modifying requirements links, use external storage for requirements links. External storage is a mechanism for saving information about linked requirements in a file that is separate from the model file. The RMI saves information about the requirements links in a file that, by default, is named model_name.req and is saved in the same folder as the model.

When you use external storage for requirements links, no changes are made to the model file when you modify the requirements links.

For more information on external storage of requirements links data, see External Storage and Guidelines for External Storage of Requirements Links.

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