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Resynchronize DOORS Surrogate Module to Reflect Model Changes

If you change your model after synchronization, the RMI does not display a warning message. If you want the surrogate module to reflect changes to the Simulink® model, resynchronize your model.

In this tutorial, you add a new block to the sf_car_doors model, and later delete it, resynchronizing after each step:

  1. In the sf_car_doors model, make a copy of the vehicle mph (yellow) & throttle % Scope block and paste it into the model. The name of the new Scope block is vehicle mph (yellow) & throttle %1.

  2. Select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Synchronize with DOORS.

  3. In the DOORS synchronization settings dialog box, leave the Extra mapping additionally to objects with links option set to Complete - All blocks, subsystems, states, and transitions. Click Synchronize.

    After the synchronization, the surrogate module includes the new block.

  4. In the sf_car_doors model, delete the newly added Scope block and resynchronize.

    The block that you delete appears at the bottom of the list of objects in the surrogate module. Its entry in the Block Deleted column reads True.

  5. Delete the copied object (vehicle mph (yellow) & throttle %1 and resynchronize the model.

  6. Save the surrogate module.

  7. Save the sf_car_doors model.

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