Specify Storage for Requirements Links

By default, the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) stores requirements links with the model file. In the Requirements Settings dialog box, on the Storage tab, you can enable external storage or reenable internal storage. This setting goes into effect immediately and applies to all new models and to existing models with no links to requirements.

If you open a model that already has requirements links, the RMI uses the storage mechanism you used previously with that model, regardless of what your default storage setting is.

To specify the requirements storage setting:

  1. In the model window, select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Settings.

  2. In the Requirements Settings dialog box, select the Storage tab.

  3. Under Default storage location for requirements links data:

    • To enable internal storage, select Store internally (embedded in model file).

    • To enable external storage, select Store externally (in a separate *.req file).

    These settings go into effect immediately.

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