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Validate Requirements Links in a Requirements Document

Check Links in a Requirements Document

To check the links in a requirements document:

  1. At the MATLAB® command prompt, enter

    rmi('checkdoc', docName)

    docName is a character vector that represents one of the following:

    • Module ID for a DOORS® requirements document

    • Full path name for a Microsoft® Word requirements document

    • Full path name for a Microsoft Excel® requirements document

    The rmi function creates and displays an HTML report that lists all requirements links in the document.

    The report highlights invalid links in red. For each invalid link, the report includes brief details about the problem and a hyperlink to the invalid link in the requirements document. The report groups together links that have the same problem.

  2. Double-click the hyperlink under Document content to open the requirements document at the invalid link.

    The navigation controls for the invalid link has a different appearance than the navigation controls for the valid links.

  3. When there are invalid links in your requirements document, you have the following options:

    If you want to...Do the following...
    Fix the invalid linksFollow the instructions in Fix Invalid Links in a Requirements Document.
    Keep the changes to the navigation controls without fixing the invalid linksSave the requirements document.
    Ignore the invalid linksClose the requirements document without saving it.

When Multiple Objects Have Links to the Same Requirement

When you link multiple objects to the same requirement, as described in Link Multiple Model Objects to a Requirements Document, only one navigation object is inserted into the requirements document. When you double-click that navigation object, all of the linked model objects are highlighted.

If you check the requirements document using the 'checkdoc' option of the rmi function and the check detects a navigation object that points to multiple objects, the check stops and displays the following dialog box.

You have two options:

  • If you click Yes, or you close this dialog box, the RMI creates additional navigation objects, one for each model object that links to that requirement. The document check continues, but the RMI does not recheck that navigation; the report only shows one link for that requirement. To rerun the check so that all requirements are checked, at the top of the report, click Refresh.

  • If you click No, the document check continues, and the report identifies that navigation object as a broken link.

Fix Invalid Links in a Requirements Document

Using the report that the rmi function creates, you may be able to fix the invalid links in your requirements document.

In the following example, rmi cannot locate the model specified in two links.

To fix invalid links:

  1. In the report, under Document content, click the hyperlink associated with the invalid requirement link.

    The requirements document opens with the requirement text highlighted.

  2. In the requirements document, depending on the document format, take these steps:

    • In DOORS:

      1. Select the navigation control for an invalid link.

      2. Select MATLAB > Select item.

    • In Microsoft Word, double-click the navigation control.

    A dialog box opens that allows you to fix, reset, or ignore all the invalid links with a given problem.

  3. Click one of the following options.


    Navigate to and select a new target model or new target objects for these broken links.

    Fix all

    Reset the navigation controls for these invalid links to their original state, the state before you checked the requirements document.

    Reset all

    Make no changes to the requirements document. Any modifications rmi made to the navigation controls remain in the requirements document.


  4. Save the requirements document to preserve the changes made by the rmi function.

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