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Verify and Use Custom Configurations

Update the Environment to Include Your sl_customization File

When you start Simulink®, it reads customization (sl_customization.m) files. If you change the contents of your customization file, update your environment by performing these tasks:

  1. If you previously started the Model Advisor:

    1. Close the model from which you started the Model Advisor

    2. Clear the data associated with the previous Model Advisor session by removing the slprj folder from your code generation folder (Simulink).

  2. At the MATLAB® command line, enter:


    If you have created custom checks, at the MATLAB command line, then also enter:

  3. Open your model.

  4. Start the Model Advisor.

Verify Custom Configurations

To verify a custom configuration:

  1. If you created custom checks, or created the custom configuration using the sl_customization method, update the Simulink environment.

  2. Open a model.

  3. From the model window, start the Model Advisor.

  4. Select Settings > Load Configuration. If you see a warning that the Model Advisor report corresponds to a different configuration, click Load to continue.

  5. In the Open dialog box, navigate to and select your custom configuration.

  6. When the Model Advisor reopens, verify that the configuration contains the new folders and checks. For example, the Review Optimizations folder and the Check Simulink optimization settings and Check safety-related optimization settings checks.

  7. Optionally, run the checks.

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