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Why Create a Custom Link Type?

In addition to linking to built-in types of requirements documents, you can register custom requirements document types with the Requirements Management Interface (RMI). Then you can create requirement links from your model to these types of documents.

With custom link types, you can:

  • Link to requirement items in commercial requirement tracking software

  • Link to in-house database systems

  • Link to document types that the RMI does not support

The custom link type API allows you to define MATLAB® functions that enable linking between your Simulink® model and your custom requirements document type. These functions also enable new link creation and navigation between the model and documents.

For example, navigation involves opening a requirements document and finding the specific requirement record. When you click your custom link in the content menu of a linked object in the model, Simulink uses your custom link type navigation function to open the document and highlight the target requirement based on the implementation provided. The navigation function you implement uses the available API to communicate with your requirements storage application.

Typically, MATLAB runs an operating system shell command or uses ActiveX® communication for sending navigation requests to external applications.

Alternatively, if your requirements are stored as custom variants of text or HTML files, you can use the built-in editor or Web browser to open the requirements document.

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