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Checking Systems Programmatically

The Simulink® Verification and Validation™ product includes a programmable interface for scripting and for command-line interaction with the Model Advisor. Using this interface, you can:

  • Create scripts and functions for distribution that check one or more systems using the Model Advisor.

  • Run the Model Advisor on multiple systems in parallel on multicore machines (requires a Parallel Computing Toolbox™ license).

  • Check one or more systems using the Model Advisor from the command line.

  • Archive results for reviewing at a later time.

To define the workflow for running multiple checks on systems:

  1. Specify a list of checks to run. Do one of the following:

    • Create a Model Advisor configuration file that includes only the checks that you want to run.

    • Create a list of check IDs.

  2. Specify a list of systems to check.

  3. Run the Model Advisor checks on the list of systems using the function.

  4. Archive and review the results of the run.

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