Bus Signals

Management of large data structures

Examples and How To

Connect Structures in Charts to External Bus Signals

The model sfbus_demo provides examples of structures in a Stateflow® chart.

Define Stateflow Structures

Explains how to define input, output, local, and temporary structures

Integrate Custom Structures in Stateflow Charts

Explains how to define custom Stateflow structures in C code

Debug Structures

Explains how to use Stateflow to verify structure values


What Is a Stateflow Structure?

A Stateflow structure is a data type that you define as a Simulink.Bus object.

What You Can Do with Structures

With the Stateflow structure data type, you can create:

Rules for Defining Structure Data Types in Charts

Follow these rules when defining structures in Stateflow charts:

Structure Operations

Describes the operations you can perform with Stateflow structures

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