Custom Code Algorithm

Include custom C code for simulation and code generation.


Code Generation for Stateflow Blocks

Describes the code you can generate for Stateflow blocks

Parse Stateflow Charts

Describes how the parser evaluates graphical and nongraphical objects in each Stateflow® machine

Traceability of Stateflow Objects in Generated Code

Describes how to navigate between a line of generated code and its corresponding object in a model

When to Use Reusable Functions in Charts

Rationale for specifying function calls in states and transitions

Choose a Procedure to Simulate a Model

Describes how to choose the right procedure for simulation

Integrate Custom C/C++ Code for Simulation

Describes procedures to follow for simulation

Share Data Using Custom C Code

Describes two examples of integrating custom C code in nonlibrary models

Generate C/C++ Code for Rapid Prototyping or Production Deployment

Generate code based on your goals for rapid prototyping or production deployment.

Specify Relative Paths for Custom Code

Describes how to define relative folder paths for custom code integration

Command-Line API to Set Simulation and Code Generation Parameters

Describes how to use the command-line API to set parameters in the Model Configuration Parameters dialog box

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