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Enumerated Data

Finite set of name-based values


What Is Enumerated Data?

Enumerated data has a finite set of values.

Define Enumerated Data in a Chart

Explains how to define enumerated data in a chart

Rules for Using Enumerated Data in a Chart

Describes rules for using enumerated data in a chart

Best Practices for Using Enumerated Data in a Chart

Describes best practices for using enumerated values

Where to Use Enumerated Data

You can use enumerated data at these levels of the Stateflow® hierarchy:

Assign Enumerated Values in a Chart

Describes a simple example of using enumerated values for assignment

Ensure That Changes in Data Type Definition Take Effect

Describes what happens when you update the data type definition for an open model

Benefits of Using Enumerated Data in a Chart

Describes use cases for enumerated data

Notation for Enumerated Values in Charts

Describes when to use nonprefixed notation versus prefixed notation for referring to enumerated values

Enumerated Data Operations in Charts

Describes operations supported for enumerated data

About Active State Data

Creation of data to monitor state activity.

Set Active State Data as Local

Modify state activity data to be local scope

Model CD Player Using Enumerated Data

Describes how a CD player model uses enumerated data in a chart

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