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Stateflow Examples

General Applications

Modeling a CD Player/Radio Using Enumerated Data TypesModel
Modeling a Security SystemModel
Tic-Tac-Flow : Model of a Hand-held GameModel
Icon Editor GUIModel
Server Queueing SystemModel
Fixed-Point Mandelbrot SetModel
Home Climate Control Using the Truth-Table BlockModel
Bang-Bang Control Using Temporal LogicModel
Sequence Recognition Using Mealy and Moore ChartsModel
Measuring the Frequency Response of a System using MATLAB as the Action LanguageModel

Automotive Applications

Modeling an Automatic Transmission ControllerModel
Modeling a Fault-Tolerant Fuel Control SystemModel
Modeling a PWM Driven Hydraulic ServomechanismModel

Aerospace Applications

Fault Detection Control Logic in an Aircraft Elevator Control SystemModel
Modeling a Launch Abort SystemModel
Yo-Yo Control of SatellitesModel

Large-Scale Modeling

Reusing a State Multiple Times in a Chart (4 min)Reusing a State Multiple Times in a Chart (4 min)Video
Modeling a Redundant Sensor Pair Using Atomic SubchartsModel
Modeling an Elevator System Using Atomic SubchartsModel

Continuous Time Modeling

Modeling a Rectifier With Zero CrossingsModel
Modeling a Bouncing BallModel
Modeling Newton's CradleModel
Modeling a ClutchModel
Modeling the Opening Shot in PoolModel
Modeling a DC Motor in Stateflow®Model

Feature Demonstrations

State Transition Tables

Modeling a CD Player/Radio Using State Transition TablesModel
Diagnostics in State Transition TablesModel
State Transition Matrix View for State Transition TablesModel

Combined Actions

Using Combined Entry, Exit and During Actions in StatesModel

Variable-size Data

Using Variable-size DataModel

Multiword fixed-point data

Using Multiword Fixed-point DataModel

Simulink Functions

Using Simulink® Functions in Stateflow®Model
Scheduling Simulink® Algorithms Using Stateflow®Model
Using Simulink® Functions in Stateflow® to Design Switching ControllersModel

Simulation Save and Restore

Simulation Save and Restore with Stateflow® ChartsScript

Graphical Functions

Using Graphical Functions in Stateflow®Model
Exporting a Graphical FunctionModel
Recursive Graphical FunctionsModel
Multi Output Graphical FunctionsModel

Temporal Logic

Temporal Logic Using the AFTER FunctionModel
Temporal Logic Using the BEFORE FunctionModel
Temporal Logic Using the AT FunctionModel
Temporal Logic Using the EVERY FunctionModel

Absolute Time Temporal Logic

Using Absolute Time Temporal LogicModel
Absolute Time Temporal Logic in the Presence of Enabled SubsystemsModel
Absolute Time Temporal Logic in the Presence of Zero CrossingsModel

Matrix I/O

Matrix Input and OutputModel

Loop Statements

IF StatementModel
WHILE LoopsModel
FOR LoopsModel

Fixed-Point Data

Fixed-Point MultiplicationModel
Fixed-Point ConversionModel
Fixed-Point Graphical FunctionsModel

Workspace Data

Data From WorkspaceModel

Function Call Outputs

Driving Function Call Subsystems and Charts from Stateflow® Using Function Call OutputsModel
Driving Multiple Charts Using Function Call OutputsModel

Custom C-Code

Including Custom C Code Functions and StructuresModel
Including Custom C++ CodeModel

Stateflow Bus Support

Interface Simulink® Bus Signals & Integrate Custom C CodeModel

Change Detection

Change DetectionModel
Change Detection for MatricesModel


Superstep Cycle (Throw Error)Model
Superstep Cycle (Proceed)Model

Resolve Signal Object

Resolve Signal ObjectModel

Masking Of Stateflow Blocks

Masking Of Stateflow BlocksModel

Active State Outputs

Modeling An Intersection Of Two 1-way Streets Using Stateflow®Model
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