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Using Multiword Fixed-point Data

This example shows a simple use of multiword fixed-point data in Stateflow® charts. Starting from R2010a, you can define multiword fixed-point data at the chart level, with one of the following scopes:

  • Input

  • Output

  • Parameter

  • Data Store Memory

You can also pass these data as inputs and outputs to and from MATLAB® functions, MATLAB® truth tables and Simulink® functions in Stateflow® charts.

Chart multiwordFixptIO takes in an input, data, that is a multiword fixed-point type, and returns an output, out, that is also a multiword fixed-point data type.

The chart defines a Simulink® function foo that declares both its input and output to be of multiword fixed-point type. foo returns the value of its input, incremented by a fixed-point constant value. At each time step, chart multiwordFixptIO passes its input to foo, and assigns foo's output to out.

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