Global Data

Access date across multiple charts or models

Use global data stores to share data with multiple top-level Stateflow® charts. Access the global data by binding your Stateflow data object to a Simulink® data store. Use a Simulink.Signal object to share global data across multiple models.


About Data Stores

Access global data in Simulink models.

Configure Charts to Use Data Stores

Interface with local and global data stores.

Chart and Block Data Diagnostics

Diagnostics for sharing data, to avoid errors such as multiple reads and writes in a single time step.

Best Practices for Using Data Stores

Data type specification, property specification, write/read segregation and ordering.

Access Data Store Memory from a Chart

Bind a Stateflow data object to a Simulink data store to access global data.

Create a Global Data Store Across Multiple Models

Create read/write references to a global data store that you can share across multiple models.

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